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Android Apps

May 23, 2019  |  computer things, documentation  |  , ,  |  No Comments

These are the apps which I have installed on my phone at the moment. Your suggestions for alternatives are very welcome.

What’s important for me:

  • I don’t want to get ads
  • I want to avoid being tracked… (yeah, I know… privacy vs. utility)
  • power consumption (I kind of have given up on this point and usually have a giant powerbank and at least one USB cable with me)
  • disk space
AnyDeskremote access and support
Asana project management , task list, Kanban, GTD
Authytwo-factor authentication
Braveweb browser
CCleanerI hope it clears the cache, I’d be interested in opinions about this app
ConversationsXMPP chat client
dandelion*diaspora client
DAVx5CalDAV/CardDAV-client for synching calendars and contactswith Nextcloud
DB Navigatortimetables and tickets for trains and public transport
Duolingolearning new languages
F-Droidapp store (Öffi, dandelion*)
Fingnetwork scanner
Glympsereal time position sharing
GoProcamera control and configuration
HomeGoogle chrome cast control and configuration
Huecontrol and configure Philips hue systems
Hue Discocontrol and configure Philips hue systems
JB Workaround CalendarSyncI’m not sure if I still need this
JB Workaround ContactSync I’m not sure if I still need this
K-9 Maile-mail client
Keepass2Androidpassword manager
Komoot cycling, hiking and mountain biking maps
Last.fmtracking what music I am listening to
Mahjong HDa game
MapsGoogle maps
Netflixvideo on demand
NewsNextcloud news aggregator client
NextcloudNextcloud client
NINA pushes warnings from Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance
NotesGoogle Keep (Notes)
Nova Launcherlauncher
Nova Launcher Primelauncher
Öffipublich transport timetables and other useful things
OsmAnd+Openstreetmap client
Amazon Prime Videovideo on demand
Pushoverpush notifications
QPython3Python 3 IDE
QuickSupportremote access and support
QuickSupport Add-On Samsung remote access and support
Signalinstant messenger
Slider Widgetcontrol volume settings of the phone
Spotifymusic streaming
Squeeze Ctrlcontrol Logitech Squeezeboxes
SSID Widgetdisplay the SSID of the connected WIFI network
Street ViewGoogle Street View
TeamViewerremote control and support
Telegraminstant messenger
TeslaUnread launcher
Threemainstant messenger
Threema QR Code Plugininstant messenger
Total Commanderfile manager
TotalCmd-FTPfile manager
TotalCmd-LANfile manager
TotalCmd-SFTPfile manager
VLCmedia player
WarnWetterweather forecast
WiFiAnalyzerWIFI scanner